All products in the Gate of Hope Apothecary range are based on ancient Chinese herbal formulas traditionally used to topically treat a wide variety of skin conditions. All products are 100% natural and free of chemicals and preservatives.

Mischief Fixer

Mischief Fixer is based on the traditional formula Run Ji Gao which nourishes and moistens the skin, clears heat and alleviates itch. It may assist with conditions characterised by redness, rash, cracked skin or cuts and/or itch. This may include burns/scolds, dermatitis and psoriasis with or without scaling. When using for psoriasis and dermatitis, apply to only the affected areas, avoiding the surrounding skin. For burns, bites, scrapes and scratches apply Mischief Fixer liberally. It is safe for conditions with open skin.

Yellow Marvel

Yellow Marvel derives its name from the colour of its ingredients, four of which are yellow (huang). It is based on the traditional formula Huang Lian Gao which is understood to relieve toxicity, clear heat/fire and drain dampness from the skin. The formula is cooling and promotes the movement of qi and blood which has become stagnated, in particular for psoriatic conditions. Yellow Marvel may be used for psoriasis with pale, red or dark lesions, shedding scaling, painful or fissured lesions and intense itch. During treatment if lesions become ‘open and tender’, alternate with Mischief Fixer.

Indigo Aid

Indigo Aid is based on the traditional formula Qing Dai Gao. The main ingredient is Qing Dai (Indigo) which is cold natured and understood to strongly clear heat, resolved toxicity, reduce swelling and inhibit the growth of cells. It may assist with conditions with heat, inflammation and itch such as eczema and tinea. Use small amounts only in affected areas and avoid applying to surrounding skin. The blue indigo colour may be noticeable on the skin and can stain light coloured clothing. This product is best used at night and covered loosely with gauze.

Relaaa Wax

Relaaa Wax contains two simple ingredients for soothing and relaaa-ing tired minds and bodies. Both lavender and frankincense have a fragrance that promotes relaxation and calm when inhaled and so applying to temples and wrists at night may assist sleep. Additionally, in traditional Chinese medicine, frankincense is understood to alleviate pain and relax the sinews, giving you even more relaaaaa in your wax. Note: do not apply Relaaa Wax to open cuts or sores.

Bruise Begone

Bruise Begone is based on a traditional formula that was classically prepared by mixing powdered raw herbs with a ducks egg and applied to bruises as a paste. Today the same combination of herbs is infused into sesame oil and beeswax for a smoother application to reduce swelling and ‘move blood’ to resolve bruising. Bruise Begone is applied to bruised and swollen skin after traumatic injury. The herbs are understood to warm the area and powerfully move blood to dissipate the bruising. The addition of frankincense and myrrh assists in pain relief.

Stinger Fixer

Stinger Fixer is based on the traditional formula Bai Bu Ku Shen Ding. It is an alcohol based spray that is applied to any type of bite, sting or itch to quickly cool, relieve itch and reduce redness. The two key ingredients – Bai Bu and Ku Shen – have been found to topically kill parasites and stop all types of itch, including areas that weep and bleed. While mosquito bites are its forte, it may be used on a wide range of skin complaints that involve both acute and chronic itch.

Scalp Help

Scalp Help is an alcohol based tincture that is applied topically to the scalp and may assist conditions characterised by redness, scaling and intense itch, such as psoriasis. The ingredients are soothing to the scalp and have antibacterial and anaesthetic properties. It is best used overnight when the body is at rest and the ingredients can penetrate into skin.

Kisser Fixer – Twin Pack [2 x 6ml tubes]

Kisser Fixer comes in a lipstick tube but fixing your kisser is only one of its uses! Kisser Fixer is based on the traditional formula Dang Gui Gao. It is designed to soothe and heal skin that is red, scorched and painful, including lips that are dry, cracked or sunburnt. This little stick can be used on any body part with dryness or rash. Fragrance free. Kisser Fixer is sold as a twin pack with two 6ml tubes.

Ninja Repair Kit

The Ninja Repair Kit has you covered for small open wounds such as cuts & grazes, to stop bleeding & start healing fast. The kit comes with 5 alcohol swaps, a 10ml Ninja Fixer Power to quickly stop bleeding and 5 waterproof bandages to cover the wound. The pack includes full instructions. This is a great addition to the first aid supply kit for those who are prone to injury.

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